The Parent Trap (1998)

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Keizersgracht - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Anonymous asked: Anon messages are so 10th grade, but goddamn, you are so smart and so pretty.

well this is very sweet

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On the day of Hitler’s suicide, a squad of American soldiers found themselves face to face with the eighty-year-old composer and conductor Richard Strauss. Alex Ross reflects on the story of the encounter:

“Why do I find these tales mesmerizing? Perhaps it has to do with the awkward relationship that any child of the postwar American empire has with the old European colossus of classical music. No matter how deeply we bow before it, we feel like intruders, pulling into the driveways of the great composers and threatening them with eviction.”

Photograph by AP.



characters that go from villain to awkward friend are so important

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Manifestación Mexicana en Solidaridad con Palestina exigiendo un ¡ALTO A LA OFENSIVA MILITAR ISRAELÍ CONTRA GAZA! 

Palestina México Corsopal 

a wall of sadness with tiny bursts of undirected anger, this week has been

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French photographer Florian Beaudenon's series Instant Life offers a voyeuristic peek into the homes and lives of different men, women, and families, inviting viewers to inspect their belongings and behaviors from a bird’s-eye view.

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Féminin/Féminin in Pastels (requested by theladyofriverrun)

holy shit holy shit holy shit

french canadian lesbians 


the only domestic instinct my parents have managed to
pass on to me is the tendency to hoard multiple plastic bags
in another plastic bag despite the fact that I will probably
never need this many plastic bags in my adult life

I thought I was the only one. Now I’ve learned to recycle my plastic bags but those two years of moving in and out of the dorms, I would get everything all sorted and then realize I had an enormous pile of ziploc bags all stored in a ziploc bag, with absolutely no use. Just because.

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Elaine Stritch rests her bike, reads a note, almost causes a riot.      

NEW YORK, June 26—TOLD TO KEEP HER SHIRT ON – Blonde Elaine Stritch, understudy to Ethel Merman in the Broadway hit, “Call Me Madam,” wears halter and shorts which cause her arrest in Central Park. Today she was fined $1 and told by Magistrate Emilio Jones, “A beautiful girl like you could cause a small riot and cause a large crowd to collect by removing your shirt.” “Well,” she replied, “I was there all day and nothing happened.” (AP, 1951)

An inspiration to aspiring dames, broads and good-time girls everywhere. RIP, Ms Stritch.

She was phenomenal. 

I’ll love you forever, Mrs. Donaghy. <3

adulted so hard yesterday that i literally made myself sick and now i have to make up this day next week and honestly this cycle is kind of the worst


The outraged and sanctified Jewish boy

The outraged Jewish boy (1874), Ivan Kramskoy / Sanctified, Rick Ross ft. Kanye West & Big Sean

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The boys (and one girl) of summer

Hyde Park’s own White Sox, ages 9-11, in the dugout during a playoff game. Their opponents: the Mets-Padres (aka the Madres, the mother of all baseball teams) which formed out of necessity because so many kids went on vacation this year, there weren’t enough to keep separate teams. ⚾️

Photography by Carrie Golus, AB’91, AM’93

wow this is cute


Found outside a random bar in Denver #pmdmc #public

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