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BREAKING: Another young man killed by Ferguson police at the scene of cop shooting ›



The Empty Met

Photography by Kevin Ornelas

Dave Krugman Tim Kau Jose Silva Tamara Peterson 

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Anonymous asked: new yorker paywall down for a bit more, suggestions on what to read?

whitegirlblog has got you covered.

also if you don’t already follow the new yorker fiction podcast, you should start now.


The Daily Show”s Jessica Williams makes Paper's 'Beautiful People' List for 2014. Photographed by Harper Smith.

her instagram is really great too. she’s just really great.

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#BeesForHe send a box of bees to every man you know

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boston in may
thomas cadrin, 2014

been dreaming of moving back to boston lately. it’s the seasons.

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This makes me sound like a kool-aid drinking asshole, but when I see the long handwringy posts about their ambivalence about the new sexual assault issue on campus, or excited about debate from “both sides,” or calling for reasoned responses from both sides, as if both opened with illegal activity and rape threats, from current students and UofC alums, all I can think is:

"Weren’t you taught to be a better critical thinker than this? Was that not the point?"


The Daily Diary of a Sketchbook Artist

To see more photos of Anna’s notebook sketches, follow @sally_mao on Instagram.

“The absolute truth appears in your drawing when you have no chance to change it,” says Moscow-based Instagrammer Anna Rastorgueva (@sally_mao), who creates an exquisite daily diary using only felt-tip markers. She takes inspiration from the detailed illustrations of botany and zoology books, a lifelong love of hers. “When I read ‘Brehm’s Life of Animals,’ I dreamed of meeting all the heroes from the pages of his book,” she explains. Anna draws anywhere, whether standing among thousands of people at a concert or even at a nude beach. For her, drawing is her personal space. “When I draw, I can dive deep into the moment and emotions. As Salvador Dalí said, ‘Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.’”

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Anonymous asked: Muffy, what's your take on "The Hyde Park List"? I feel like you must have thoughts and opinions on it... would love to get a viewpoint from a strong female on the UChicago campus.


This vigilante-style of information dissemination is hard to do correctly and I think this is a clear example of how it can go wrong, with weird codes that make it unclear what you’re accusing people of and including hearsay accusations. When we have the tangible goal of reforming university responses to sexual assault and rape so that rapists/assaulters face real, potentially legal consequences getting national media (and government) attention, stunts like this don’t seem to be working toward that goal and provide opportunities for people to accuse women of fingering random people and “ruining lives” or w/e by making errant accusations and publishing them publicly, however idiotic or offensive those accusations may be.

That being said, god it hurts to see the University staying completely silent on it, media outlets preferring to protect the names of the accused, and some fucking University-affiliated hacker cowards threaten victims who speak up.

Considering how we all know the names of survivors and victims who have spoken up, incredibly. Considering how university policies put a premium on anonymity for the accused. Considering how few people seem to really get it, including many women on this campus. Considering the pervasive, insidious, dangerous, or else just disgusting nature of this campus’s rape culture that nearly every female friend of mine has had to deal with at some point, in some way. Considering all of that, this is not a week to cross me. 


When New York Times columnist Charles Blow was 7 years old, he was sexually abused by his cousin.  The traumatic experience sent him on a path of self-questioning in hopes of understanding how it happened, why it happened, and what it meant. His new memoir, Fire Shut Up in My Bones, is a unwavering account of his abuse and how he healed. 

In the interview Blow discusses the correlation between victims of child sexual abuse and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identity:

"What the data shows us indisputably is that people who will later identify as LGBT have disproportionate rates of having been victims of child sexual abuse. So there are two ways to think of that — one of which I completely disagree with and one I agree more with.

On the one end, the abuse is making these young people LGBT. The science for that is completely flimsy. I completely disagree with that idea. On the other side … children who will eventually identify as LGBT are more likely to be targets of sexual predators. If you think of it that way, it changes our concept of how we need to nurture and care for children who are different. …

If you look at it that way you realize that in some cases, not all of course, in some cases the predator is targeting children who they already see as kind of having some kind of characteristics that will later be different. And that difference means they’re isolated. That difference means that they are already outside of the social mores, that the predator behavior is now somehow justified because this person is already outside the norm.”

Photo: By Chad Batka, NYT 

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#9daysofb99 day 2: favorite female character

"I hate small talk. Let’s drink in silence."

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Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow

this is like some kind of nightmaredream and I think I’m going to cry now

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