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Antonia Thomas for 1883 Magazine [x]

Antonia fucking Thomas. 

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That she is on the bisexual train of “not getting how you can’t be attracted to people of either sex” makes me so happy, you just have no idea.

Inglorious Basterds is not the kind of movie you would generally choose to fall asleep to. But that’s what I did on Thursday. 

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Okay one more. This one has all of her routines on the All Around. Flawless. 

Rosamund Pike is my idea of an accomplished woman. She went to Oxford, plays cello, and speaks French. Oh yeah and she’s Jane.

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Rosamund Pike reading on set.


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Jennifer Lawrence

I’m a little bit in love with her. Okay, a lot. 



6 Favorite Pictures | Marion Cotillard asked by likeyoumeanitlikeyoudo

So I am in love with Marion Cotillard. She was brilliant in Paris at Midnight. 

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#mon amour your mirror is tres dirty

I would really, really love to be Marion Cotillard. 

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