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Because if smart women who know how smart they are intimidate men (and they do), and beautiful women who know how beautiful they are intimidate men (and they do), there is, logically, nothing more intimidating than a woman who is fully aware that she is both smart and beautiful. I mean, maybe a room full of tigers with machine guns! That could be scarier! Or, a smart and beautiful lady who makes jokes.

The one and only Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown, “13 Ways of Looking at Liz Lemon.” 

Definitely give this one a read. If you’re like me and you’ve often wondered how 30 Rock can be both an awesome show and disturbingly problematic at times, or how Tina Fey’s and Liz Lemon’s feminisms reconcile, or how Liz can get it on with James Franco and still be touted as this unattractive unlucky in love hopeless case of a woman, or how all of this gives way to a common half-assed brand of self focused feminism…… then THIS is the piece for you.